An Idea…Lamb Shank Suet Puddings

Coming into the autumn weather I’ve been trying to think of something interesting to try. We often do a good trade in both suet puddings and lamb shanks during the non-summer months, so I’m thinking why not combine the two ideas? It will take a bit of testing to find a practical way to steam the pudding with a great big lamb shank bone sticking out the top, but I think, in principal, it could be a winner.

It will, however, be a particularly heavy meal so I need to think of some appropriate accompaniments that won’t make it an overly heavy meal. Any thoughts in general people?


One thought on “An Idea…Lamb Shank Suet Puddings

  1. Sounds like a good idea. I have seen recipes from Heston Blumental with braised oxtail and kidney puddings. This sounds good, lamb shank is a soft meat so would have good texture. Serve with a minted apple and potato rosti and gazed baby carrots.


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